Sunday Morning

Join us for breakfast and fellowship Sundays at 9:30am! Can't make it that early?  Our Sunday service kicks off at 10:30. What does one of our services look like? Great question! No two services are ever the same. What we can tell you is the Holy Spirit shows up in a mighty way each and every week. We spend time in corporate worship through singing songs of praise. Following our worship time somebody, usually Johnny Buckner, will bring a word, and we finish up with a ministry/response time.


Students from Jr. High - College age gather every Wednesday night at 6:00 PM for SWAG (Students Worshiping Awesome God)! Join us for an exciting time of food, fellowship and spiritual growth! Doesn't matter how old you are you should come check out SWAG! You will probably get blessed by one of the students!  We believe youth ministry is not about doing ministry to youth... It is about youth doing ministry!

College / Young Adults

University students and adults under 27 meet Sunday nights at 6:00 PM for a time of fellowship and growth. 

Men's Lunch (Band of Brothers)
Join men from across the body of Christ in Starkville Thursdays at 12:00pm for a time of fellowship. You will get plenty to eat-- both spiritually and physically!

Women's Ministry

The women get together every first Monday of the month for a "ladies' night". 


We have missionaries placed all over the globe! Due to the nature of their work and some of their locations we can't put the info on the site.

We also have other avenues for missions - locally, nationally, and internationally. We partner with local churches to bring food to the needy. We send teams to do street ministry in Ft. Worth and Memphis. We have multiple short term mission trips to Honduras and some areas of Asia and Russia. We mobilize and maintain "rapid response teams" to aid in disaster relief around the world! We have forged relationships with and founded various missions organizations, giving our family plenty of opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus!